When you join the Vape Dépôt family, you benefit from a recognized brand and the founders’ deep expertise. We work with you every step of the way, and we stay close to all of our franchisees to make sure they always have the support they need. We’re looking for people like us – people with a passion for business and a desire to be part of the biggest franchised brand in the vaping market.

As a Vape Dépôt franchisee, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Access to a one-stop-shop for ordering stock;
  • The industry’s lowest franchise fees;
  • The best guarantees on the market
  • Access to a network of contacts
  • Complete guidance and support at every level
  • Technical support 7 days a week

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Vape Dépôt Saint-Hyacinthe and Saint-Constant
“All it took was one meeting with Marc and Patrick and we were ready to open our Vape Dépôt store. They gave us the opportunity to own and manage our own business, while receiving the support and guidance we needed to succeed. We liked the brand’s concept and visibility, and that’s what convinced us to come on board. Since 2014, we’ve opened three stores and we’re extremely proud of our success. We’re very happy to be part of the Vape Dépôt family!”

Vape Dépôt Trois-Rivières and Cornwall
“As a couple for 27 years, we’d always dreamed of working together in our own company. We wanted a store, and it didn’t really matter what it was. That’s when Vape Dépôt came into our lives and inspired us to finally make our dream come true. As soon as we signed on, we had access to all the training, guidance, merchandise and advice we needed. These are good people who make us feel like part of a family. We have two stores and plan to open several more soon. To sum up Vape Dépôt in two words: security and simplicity!”
– Odette and Eric

Vape Dépôt Varennes and Boucherville
“When we found the Vape Dépôt website, we saw a fast-growing brand that offered franchising opportunities. When my partner and I phoned the head office in Saint-Jérôme, we quickly set up a meeting with Patrick. Three months later, on October 31, 2014, we opened our store in Varennes. That first store was an instant success, and ten months later we opened a second branch, in Boucherville. The franchisers’ knowledge, the brand’s purchasing power and the competent management team make Vape Dépôt a company that stands out from the competition and provides real benefits to its franchisees.”


Conformément aux plus récentes directives du gouvernement du Québec, nous serons fermés du 25 décembre 2020 au 10 janvier 2021 inclusivement.

La situation est critique!

Parlez-en à vos clients, votre famille, vos amis ainsi que votre entourage, car tous les Québécois seront affectés et tous les vapoteurs ou fumeurs devront se retourner à la tueuse pour ainsi se diriger vers la mort!
Si seulement dix clients(qui est peu) par jours remplissent le formulaire juste dans un Vape Dépot cela comptabilise près de 7000 formulaires d’ici le 31 Décembre juste avec ça!

Que pouvez-vous faire?

  1. Invitez vos clients, amis, familles, propriétaires d’immeuble et tout votre entourage à remplir le formulaire.
  2. Invitez vos clients plus âgés à témoigner dans un vidéo.
  3. Appelez vos députés.
  4. Appelez les médias régionaux et provinciaux.

Vous pouvez parler de:

  1. L’impact économique.
  2. La perte de +3,200 emplois/450 magasins.
  3. Le retour au tabagisme.(+20% suite à l’adoption de cette loi en N.-É.).
  4. 1.1M de fumeurs au Québec qui devront continuer sur la tueuse.
  5. Création d’un marché noir.
  6. Vente en ligne outre-province, usa, chine, etc.